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The car waxes you should look out for!

Car waxes are available in three different forms, namely Liquid, Paste and spray. All three have their own set of advantages. The paste wax for example provides easy application while the liquid wax cleans the best. Among all of these, spray wax is the least staining but can be difficult to apply and buff out. For the ones with older models, you should go for the car waxes on the top of our list! we write a detail post about best fuel injector cleaner on my blog, please go thorough that post.

8 of the Best car waxes you can buy:

  1. 5 Star Shine

It comes with a special patented PPS formula and has a long lasting shining effect. It delivers great performance and easily can out do many products; it as well comes with a guarantee of longitivity and is dirt repellent, hence can hold back the shine.

  1. Turtle Wax Caranuba Car Wax

This one is among the list of best buys. At such a decent price, the all rounder that Turtle Wax is enhances its performing abilities and hence makes it a good choice for your Car.

  1. Eagle One

When we talk about pricing and fast shine abilities, Eagle one comes to play. Though it doesn’t have a long lasting effect, it is still worth the buy. Basically, it is a good choice for easy shine and plastic friendliness.

  1. Zaino Show Car Polish

Technology has taken over all spheres. The Zaino Show has a range of cleansers and protectants which are advanced in terms of technology and are have been equipped especially for the show cars.

  1. DuPont Teflon Ultra Wax

As the name suggests, it has Teflon protectors which enable a coating that is non sticky, invisible and a shine which is long lasting.

  1. One Grand Blitz Carnauba Wax

The wax works well with all kinds of paint colours to provide good protection. Also, the wax comes with no abrasive or cleaners and is hence almost everlasting!

  1. 3M Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax

This one might turn out to be a little overrated! But, there are concrete reasons behind it too. The 3M liquid wax provides you with protections against a number of elements such as acid rain, sun and other agents which could possibly be harmful. It is also grease repellent, dust repellent and prevents fingerprints to settle over the paint; the hard coat helps prevent them!

  1. Nu Finish Once-a-year Car Polish

This one has been rated on the top by a number of consumer testing magazines. The quality protection it provides, then the gloss and shine that remains intact and of course the value you need to pay for it make the once a year car polish a great wax applicant for your cars.

That is all on the waxes which could be the best buys for your cars. These waxes are such which will not only provide you with the shine but also additional features that will in turn enhance the cars performance as well as visibility. Let your car rise and shine with the best car waxes available!