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How To Download ShowBox For ios? – Complete Guide

ShowBox, a free movies and TV shows streaming app for Android, is currently hailed as one of the best free Android apps of contemporary times. However, the app is not available at Google play Store. As a result, users have to sideload it to the device. If you are looking forward to downloading and installing ShowBox for iOS device, this is exactly the right place for you.

The database of ShowBox features a database from where we can choose from thousands and thousands of movies, TV series, cartoons and videos, all in High Definition (HD). Since most users are accustomed to downloading and installing apps from Google Play Store, they find it confusing as to how to do the same without the help of Google Play Store. But worry no more! We are providing step by step guidelines for you to download ShowBox in your iOS headset. Following these steps are bound to help you out without going through a tedious process. So, you do not need to be gadget freak anymore, nor do you need the assistance of your gadget enthusiast friends or call up the customer care, because with the steps mentioned below, you get to call the shots yourself.

One of the best features of the app is the fact that it is free of cost and it comes with a smart user-interface of the application which allows us to choose our desired content by genres and categories, all of which are available in multiple resolutions ranging from 240p to 1080p. It also supports Chromecasting, which means we can watch our favorite content without cable connection or having to spend any money.

Since this app is designed for the Android devices, you can’t directly download it from iTunes. But, no worries! Follow the below mentioned points I order to download and install the app in your apple device.

  • In the first step, you have to download the Genymotion Mac OS X 64 bits create an account.
  • In the second step, install Genymotion. However, you do not have to install Genymotion Shell.
  • In the third step, download Virtual Box and install it.
  • In the fourth step, run Genymotion and log into your account.
  • In the fifth step, click on the ‘Add’ option and add a virtual device – any device with 1080×1920 resolution and version 4.4.4 or later will suffice.
  • In the sixth step, you need to double-click on the device to run the virtual device.
  • In the seventh step, you have to download the ShowBox apk file.
  • In the eighth step, you need to Drag the apk file to the virtual device which will install ShowBox to the virtual device.
  • In the ninth step, the app will ask for an Update. Thus, you need to click on ‘Update’.
  • In the tenth step, you have to click on ‘Settings’ to go ahead with ShowBox for ios download.
  • In the eleventh step, you have to check ‘unknown sources’.
  • In the twelfth and final step, you need to launch ShowBox again and click ‘Update’.

So, as you see, the steps of downloading and installing ShowBox in iOS are pretty easy and user-friendly. If you follow the afore-mentioned steps, the streaming application can be installed without breaking a sweat. Once you are done, get an experience of video and movie watching experience like never before as the diversity of content provided by ShowBox will change the way you stream videos.

The car waxes you should look out for!

Car waxes are available in three different forms, namely Liquid, Paste and spray. All three have their own set of advantages. The paste wax for example provides easy application while the liquid wax cleans the best. Among all of these, spray wax is the least staining but can be difficult to apply and buff out. For the ones with older models, you should go for the car waxes on the top of our list! we write a detail post about best fuel injector cleaner on my blog, please go thorough that post.

8 of the Best car waxes you can buy:

  1. 5 Star Shine

It comes with a special patented PPS formula and has a long lasting shining effect. It delivers great performance and easily can out do many products; it as well comes with a guarantee of longitivity and is dirt repellent, hence can hold back the shine.

  1. Turtle Wax Caranuba Car Wax

This one is among the list of best buys. At such a decent price, the all rounder that Turtle Wax is enhances its performing abilities and hence makes it a good choice for your Car.

  1. Eagle One

When we talk about pricing and fast shine abilities, Eagle one comes to play. Though it doesn’t have a long lasting effect, it is still worth the buy. Basically, it is a good choice for easy shine and plastic friendliness.

  1. Zaino Show Car Polish

Technology has taken over all spheres. The Zaino Show has a range of cleansers and protectants which are advanced in terms of technology and are have been equipped especially for the show cars.

  1. DuPont Teflon Ultra Wax

As the name suggests, it has Teflon protectors which enable a coating that is non sticky, invisible and a shine which is long lasting.

  1. One Grand Blitz Carnauba Wax

The wax works well with all kinds of paint colours to provide good protection. Also, the wax comes with no abrasive or cleaners and is hence almost everlasting!

  1. 3M Perfect-it Show Car Liquid Wax

This one might turn out to be a little overrated! But, there are concrete reasons behind it too. The 3M liquid wax provides you with protections against a number of elements such as acid rain, sun and other agents which could possibly be harmful. It is also grease repellent, dust repellent and prevents fingerprints to settle over the paint; the hard coat helps prevent them!

  1. Nu Finish Once-a-year Car Polish

This one has been rated on the top by a number of consumer testing magazines. The quality protection it provides, then the gloss and shine that remains intact and of course the value you need to pay for it make the once a year car polish a great wax applicant for your cars.

That is all on the waxes which could be the best buys for your cars. These waxes are such which will not only provide you with the shine but also additional features that will in turn enhance the cars performance as well as visibility. Let your car rise and shine with the best car waxes available!

The Fast and the Furious 8 will Accelerate Intensity with the Portrayal of Cipher

It is very important for a movie franchise to come out victorious with each and every installment so that the filmmakers can think of making more and more installments. And today the well known and celebrated franchise The Fast and Furious 8 is about to roll out the eight and the most awaited entry on the 14th of April. But people who stay in Berlin turned out to be highly fortunate as they got to watch the film yesterday itself because of the early release in the city. Apart from the resident of Berlin, there were even other people who watched The Fate of the Furious way back and each one of them got so thrilled after watching the action movie that most of them immediately took to their Twitter handles and started posting about the potency of the movie and how good it is. The news started trending on the online news and social networking site and the fans couldn’t stop themselves but ended up discussing about it. Therefore, we can also expect the massive amount which the upcoming action movie on heists and street racing will earn at the box office. The celebrated franchise is anyway Universal Studio’s largest franchise as every entry of it has earned magnificent amounts and also successfully left the moviegoers and the fans in awe. But this time it is going to be larger, bigger and of course better. The posters of the upcoming action movie as well as the teaser and the trailer of the film are highly captivating and became the talk of the town right after their releases. And now the viewers just cannot wait for some more time to head towards the theaters as they want to free their patience level as soon as possible.

The previous film under the installment was very emotional for every Paul Walker fan and even the other moviegoers due to his death. The seventh installment even made the viewers weep as they were in misty eyes while watching Walker on the screens. However, this time the intensity of The Fate of the Furious is going to accelerate to a larger extent with the depiction of the character of Cipher. She is going to be witnessed as one of the ruthless negative character on the film because Cipher will be making the life of the team members as well as Dom turn upside down by creating turmoil for them.

And when talked about turmoil, Dom is going to fall prey to her trap as she is going to seduce him and lure him by making Dom betray the one who have been with him through thick and thin. The initial part of the movie might seem to be quite jovial as reports state that Dom and Letty are going to have a lot of fun on their amazing honeymoon. And even the team will be stepping on a new journey and would decide not to get indulged into crimes at all but unfortunately that is not going to sustain for too long. And all thanks to Cipher for that.

Nevertheless, The Fate of the Furious is anticipated to become another victorious installment of the celebrated franchise.

Christmas Around The world

Birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated as Christmas all over the world. 25th December is the day of celebration. Though, actual date is not known by anyone. This day has a very high value to all true Christians. Whole world celebrate this day with passion and joy. You can find different tradition and custom on every country. Are you really interested about this matter? Then you should check details which are given below. You can also find various interesting fact about this Christmas. check out Merry Christmas Gif 2017


France is very famous for its Christmas celebration. In many regions in this country people start to observe this celebration with St. Nicholas day which is on 6th December. Christmas the main attraction in France is the Alsace region. People believe that here first decorated Christmas trees appeared. In this time children get various gifts and sweets. On this day children put their new polished shoes out in front of chimney. They pray that Father of Christmas fill this with sweets. Also check  Christmas clip art


In Italy all the Churches, town squares and some religious houses decorate the places with birth scene of Jesus Christ and it is very important part of this celebration. This decoration idea mainly originated from Italy but now it follows by other countries. Italian called the father of Christmas as “Babbo Natale”. Italians also distributed gifts among children. do not forget to share funny Christmas meme with your loveone.


Germany is another country where Christmas is celebrated with great excitement. In Germany people set up Christmas markets on main squares. Every streets and houses are decorated with beautiful lights and other decorative things. The celebration starts on the 24th December and goes to 25th. You will get all shops closed in Christmas Eve.


Australia is very famous for its rich Christmas celebration. Here is tradition of joining Christmas picnic which is organized by various churches and sing Christmas Carol on the sea beach. Because of its geographical location Australia is in Southern Hemisphere and the time of Christmas is summer time. So people enjoy this day with family and friends at the beach.


In USA Christmas is celebrated for 2 days, 25th and 26th December. On this day people gather at the church. They arrange a little get together and have lunch or dinner. They exchange gifts, cards and wishers with each other. It is the custom of Christmas in USA.