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All you need to know about SHAREit

SHAREit: One brilliant app that offers you best Sharing services

Are you looking for an alternative to Bluetooth? We presume you are as you are right now reading this article. We know how difficult a task it is to transfer files via Bluetooth or cable wireless, and therefore we are going to present the miracle SHAREit app and introduce you how to download SHAREit for Windows PC or laptops. The Android users, you must be familiar with the SHAREit app as it is officially certified in the Google Play Store. But for Windows PCs and laptops users, they do get the app via the official link. But then why the apk file? Well, you get different benefits of using the APK file. Other apps like that of the video streaming apps, most of them are not available on the Google Play Store; therefore via BlueStacks, those apps can easily run.

For users who are not aware of what BlueStacks is, it’s basically an Android emulator which helps apk files to run on another operating system, specifically Windows desktops or laptops by mimicking the app and thus enables it to run on the Android platform. So users if you want to experience the apk files, you do need an Android emulator for that in order to run apk files on your Windows devices. Though we have been offered with several emulators like the YouWave Android Emulator or the Andy Android emulator; but we recommend the BlueStacks, as this Android emulator is the most popular, reliable as well as secured Android emulator that is offered and available in the market. So users install the BlueStacks Android emulator and convince yourself for the best experience of enjoying the apk files with just a few clicks.

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Talking about SHAREit apk app, if you are already familiar with the features, then revise it once again as we are now talking about SHAREit app features. First and foremost, you need absolutely no internet connection for sharing files between devices. Second, SHAREit offers sharing service which is better than any other sharing apps (for e.g. Xender) in terms of sharing anything and everything. Via SHAREit you are offered to go for the group sharing too. Not only SHAREit offers mobile to desktop sharing, but it also offers backup by which if any of your images or files are deleted, you’d be easily getting it via the use of this brilliant app. Devices that have SHAREit installed in it can automatically detect by the ability of auto searching. So folks, if you have already installed the app then enjoy the sharing services and if not then go for it to experience a sharing service without any mess.

How To Download ShowBox For ios? – Complete Guide

ShowBox, a free movies and TV shows streaming app for Android, is currently hailed as one of the best free Android apps of contemporary times. However, the app is not available at Google play Store. As a result, users have to sideload it to the device. If you are looking forward to downloading and installing ShowBox for iOS device, this is exactly the right place for you.

The database of ShowBox features a database from where we can choose from thousands and thousands of movies, TV series, cartoons and videos, all in High Definition (HD). Since most users are accustomed to downloading and installing apps from Google Play Store, they find it confusing as to how to do the same without the help of Google Play Store. But worry no more! We are providing step by step guidelines for you to download ShowBox in your iOS headset. Following these steps are bound to help you out without going through a tedious process. So, you do not need to be gadget freak anymore, nor do you need the assistance of your gadget enthusiast friends or call up the customer care, because with the steps mentioned below, you get to call the shots yourself.

One of the best features of the app is the fact that it is free of cost and it comes with a smart user-interface of the application which allows us to choose our desired content by genres and categories, all of which are available in multiple resolutions ranging from 240p to 1080p. It also supports Chromecasting, which means we can watch our favorite content without cable connection or having to spend any money.

Since this app is designed for the Android devices, you can’t directly download it from iTunes. But, no worries! Follow the below mentioned points I order to download and install the app in your apple device.

  • In the first step, you have to download the Genymotion Mac OS X 64 bits create an account.
  • In the second step, install Genymotion. However, you do not have to install Genymotion Shell.
  • In the third step, download Virtual Box and install it.
  • In the fourth step, run Genymotion and log into your account.
  • In the fifth step, click on the ‘Add’ option and add a virtual device – any device with 1080×1920 resolution and version 4.4.4 or later will suffice.
  • In the sixth step, you need to double-click on the device to run the virtual device.
  • In the seventh step, you have to download the ShowBox apk file.
  • In the eighth step, you need to Drag the apk file to the virtual device which will install ShowBox to the virtual device.
  • In the ninth step, the app will ask for an Update. Thus, you need to click on ‘Update’.
  • In the tenth step, you have to click on ‘Settings’ to go ahead with ShowBox for ios download.
  • In the eleventh step, you have to check ‘unknown sources’.
  • In the twelfth and final step, you need to launch ShowBox again and click ‘Update’.

So, as you see, the steps of downloading and installing ShowBox in iOS are pretty easy and user-friendly. If you follow the afore-mentioned steps, the streaming application can be installed without breaking a sweat. Once you are done, get an experience of video and movie watching experience like never before as the diversity of content provided by ShowBox will change the way you stream videos.