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new iOS 11 theme

iOS 11 Theme: Unlocking The Secret Dark Theme

As far as modern mobile operating systems are concerned, there are two leaders who are far ahead of the pack and they are the iOS platform, devised by Apple, and the Android operating platform, devised by Google. Of these two, the iOS platform is set to receive a new entry, the iOS 11, soon. The beta version of the iOS 11 have already been released to the public. Today, we shall discuss how to unlock the new iOS 11 theme, known as the dark or night mode.

iOS 11 Theme: Why The New Theme

Previous iOS versions had a feature called Classic Invert, which was only capable, however, of producing the complementary version of the colors on the screen. Blue thus became magenta and so on. Say you are in a darkened and quiet movie theatre and your Apple device starts ringing. When you take out your iPhone, the screen is so bright that some of your fellow moviegoers might object. Such a bright display in a darkened environment can also affect your eyes in a very bad way. Last but not the least, the new iOS 11 theme, aka the dark mode, also plays a decisive role in bolstering your device’s battery life as the display brightness directly affects the battery’s longevity.

new iOS 11 theme
iOS 11 theme

iOS 11 Theme: Smart Invert is Here

This time, however, the iOS 11 has a new trick up its sleeve: Smart Invert mode. This new theme of the iOS 11 is the closest Apple has come to the true dark mode. Besides being better than the Classic Invert feature we spoke about, the new feature will also be able to darken the display and ensuring that the scenario in the movie theatre does not recur.

iOS 11 Theme: Steps to Activate it On Your iOS Devices

This is the list of steps you must follow to activate the new theme.

  • On your Apple iPhone or iPad, go to ‘Settings.’ Now go to ‘General.’
  • An option called ‘Accessibility’ will now appear. Tap to activate.
  • A second option called ‘Display Accommodations’ will now appear. Tap on it again to display secondary options.
  • Tap now on ‘Invert Colors.’ Under this option, you will find two further options: ‘Smart Invert’ and ‘Classic Invert.’ We have already written about the two features. Hence, click now on ‘Smart Invert.’
  • There is a switch right next to the ‘Smart Invert’ feature. Toggle it and activate.
  • Your new iOS 11 theme is now ready for use.

Wrap Up

Did this guide on how to activate the new iOS 11 theme help you? I hope it did and you would be able to activate it easily if you follow this guide. Keep watching this space for more updates.

Apple watch 3 is not just a smartphone

Apple Watch 3: Beyond a Simple Smartwatch!

The world of wearables will get a fillip as Apple launches its new Apple Watch 3. this new smartwatch is one of the best smartwatches to have been launched. With the release of the third generation of smartwatches, it can now be said that the smartwatch industry is well and truly on its way. Right now, the smartwatch industry provides either design or function. These two factors, once merged, will comprise the Apple Watch 3. This new watch may well be the greatest entry as far as the entire industry is concerned. Let’s walk down memory as we dissect the new watch and what we want to see.

One, the design and the form factor of the smartwatch is mixed as far as the entire industry is concerned. It is of utmost importance that this design meeting the form factor is executed perfectly. While we must admit that these two functions are put together as one, we must also point out that these comments are not undesired. Many users have complained of the fact that these smartwatches are too much of design with too little substance. This means that the watch will be different from the rest.

The Apple Watch 3 is meant to dazzle the user who till now was satisfied with the specimens which were made by Giordano and Scorpion. This is truly the one watch to rule them all. Any and every interesting smartwatch to have been released till now is the product of the company called Casio. Casio, which today released the smartwatch of the year, will face stern competition when the new Apple Watch 3 is released. Many important smartwatches are often ruined by the fact that when the reports get truly humongous, the products get unsuccessful. Any and every such specimen has to be incorporated with the TENAA whenever they feel like launching and with the release of the Apple Watch 3, we must mention that plenty of substance as far as the spec sheet is concerned.

One of the most important features which will get the new Apple Watch 3 up and running as soon as it hits the ground is that its display will be able to be decipherable when the sun is still out. Many users have asked us what the new LED display is like and what the new display is capable of. We have our sources in the industry who state that even the most astute of the users will be able to relate with. The new Apple Watch 3 is also capable of boasting micro-LEDs on the display which will make the display one for the ages as well.

Lastly, a word on the price tag. The new watch must be priced conservatively. Make it too pricey and you will have successfully alienated many potential users. Make it too cheap and many users will feel that the design or the technology will let them down. hence, we advise the Cupertino-based giant to look at market trends before announcing the price of the Apple Watch 3.


iOS 11: Next OS by Apple May Just Sport Group Video Calling Through FaceTime

iOS is one of the greatest operating systems one can explore as its users have hardly come up with something negative about the OS. iOS have also been giving stiff competition to all the other counter operating systems such as Windows and Android and has emerged as extremely successful as most of the versions of it has turned out to be victorious. We consider operating systems as the most important ones just because the performance of a particular Smartphone or a tablet or a PC entirely depends upon the processor as well as the operating system.

Therefore, the creators of such devices cannot neglect it all while designing or manufacturing the gadgets. A good OS is extremely important for the potential of the Smartphone and iOS have most of the times garnered great reviews. The iOS 10 which was rolled out in September last year acquired amazing reviews as almost all the features of it turned out to be extremely first-rate.

Therefore, we wonder how good or favourable the iOS 11 Update would turn out to be. It is definitely going to emerge as a game changer yet again as the rumors which are at rife regarding the upcoming OS by Apple looks highly promising. FaceTime is a great way for the Apple users to chuck the other video calling apps and utilize it. Some of the users even explore it everyday by getting in touch with their long distance friends and relatives through FaceTime. But the only problem is you can just FaceTime a person who own a iPhone and now the latest rumors say that we get introduced to group calling through FaceTime. This means that the users can actually do video chat with a lot of people at the same time now rather than chatting with only one person at a time.

There has been a rumor since a long time that the Dark Mode feature would get introduced with Apple iOS 11 Beta. And now it seems that this might actually come in to the picture because a lot of sources have talked about it. The Dar Mode feature will allow the users to get introduced to a dark screen rather than the usual bright one which is stressful to the eyes. But this particular feature would be more convenient for all the users of Apple out there.

Now coming to Siri, we also expect the tech experts to come up with a huge upgrade in the AI so that it surpasses the qualities of Google Assistant by beating it from all angle. And now that most of the users demand for this, Apple may bring in a surprise regarding Siri with the release of iOS 11.

We can also predict an upgraded map for the iOS users which may come with the introduction of the next operating system by Apple. Therefore, iOS 11 is highly awaited by each and every tech enthusiast out there who are surely waiting for the big surprise when the OS hits the tech world.